English Grammer Top Questions

English Grammer Top Questions A to Class Answers Important Idioms and Phrases Group A

English Grammer Top Questions: यदि आप SSC Steno या किसी अन्य सरकारी नौकरी की तैयारी कर रहे है तो आपकी परीक्षा के लिए बहुत उपयोगी प्रश्न है आज हम Idioms And Phrases के बारे में आपको बताने वाले है ।

  • All in All- सोलह आने मालिक- Our Principal is all in all in the college
  • All and sundry-प्रत्येक बिना भेदभाव-He gave a feast to all and sundry when he was successful at the B.A Examination
  • An apple of discord- झगड़े का कारण- The Front seat in the classroom has always been an apple of discard in class xi
  • At the beck and call of- अधीन-All the college peons are at the beck and call of the Principal
  • At the top of-जोर से-Rama was singing a song at the top of his voice
  • At the eleventh hour-अन्तिम समय पर – He submitted his application to the manager at the eleventh hour
  • At one’s wit’s end-परेशान- my son is very careless and therefore i am at my wit’s end for his education
  • Above board- स्पष्ट- i fear none as my policy is always above board
  • At all events-चाहे जो हो- at all events I shall appear at the examination
  • At daggers drawn- खुली दुश्मी- Rama and Shiam being fast friends formerly , are now at dagger drawn with each other
  • English Grammer Top Questions
  • English Grammer Top Questions
  • At home in -निपुण- Hari is at home in Hindi
  • To run into debt- कर्ज में फँसना- He is running into debt
  • To read between the lines-चतुराई के साथ अर्थ निकालना-The article published in the Hindustan Times does not name anybody but by reading it between the lines I Think it belongs to prof Mukerji
  • To run short of-कमी होना- I am running short of funds these days owing to dull business
  • To see off- विदा करना- His Friends were present at the station to see him off
  • English Grammer Top Questions
  • To spread like wild fire- शीघ्र, फैलना- The news of Indira Gandi’s death spread like wild fire in the country
  • To set at naught-निष्फल करना- He set at naught all my efforts in the case
  • To stand on one’s own legs-भरोसा करना- After passing M.A Examinations my son will stand on his own legs.
  • To show the white feather- बुजदिली दिखाना- The police showed the white feather in an attack by the rioters
  • To set at defiance-चुनौती देना Rama has been arrested because he set at defiance the laws of the government
  • To strike dumb-चकित करना- We were struck dumb by the case do not stand to reason at all
  • To stand in need of- जरुरत होना- I stand in need of some money these days
  • To stand in the way of-रोड़ा अटकाना-The clerks in the office always stand in the way of every person
  • To strain every nerve-पूर्ण प्रयत्न करना- I shall strain every nerve to help him in his need
  • To smell a rat-शैतानी भाँपना- I smell a rat Because the proceedings of the committee have been kept secret
  • To see eye to eye- राजी होना-Mr. Sharma does not see eye to eye with me on all points
  • English Grammer Top Questions
  • To see the light-पैदा होना-My son saw the light of the day on March 5, 1983
  • To stand one in good stead-काम आना- His Knowledge has stood hi in good stead
  • To steal a march on- चुपचाप लाभ उठाना- He has stolen a march on me by Approaching the officer first
  • To shed crocodile tears-घड़ियाली आँसू बहाना- He is shedding crocodile tears at the death of his friend’s mother
  • To take care of-देखभाल करना-My father takes care of me
  • To take to heels-भाग जाना- The thief took to heels when he saw the police
  • To turn over a new leaf-पूर्णरुप से बदलना-The convict turned over a new leaf when the bishop behaved him well
  • English Grammer Top Questions

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